If you have a business that is running successfully or want one to be started for that matter, organic search traffic is something that you should rely on.


Think for a second.

Why hamper the growth of your business and not let it reach its full potential?

Google is the biggest Search Engine. Ranking on the best industry terms directly gives you leverage and helps you gain the trust of visitors all over the country. That’s where I and my team can help you.

I, Aayush Bucha am the best SEO expert in Kolkata.

Being an SEO consultant, I am hardcore passionate about driving Organic Traffic.

But as a Business Owner, I get it. SEO is scary. It’s an upfront investment without any surety of what the future brings.

However, if you know where you’re putting your money – there’s really nothing to be worried about.

Hiring an SEO consultant for SEO service of your business is not an easy task and is easier said than done. Thatโ€™s where I help you by giving you a Free Call Consultation. Here we will help you understand the basics, go through what you can expect by the end of the campaign before making an informed decision.

Our team provides the Best SEO Service in Kolkata, India. Having put a lot of practice and knowledge in this specialized field of search engine optimization, our results speak for themselves. So, start risk-free, TODAY!

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    Understanding SEO and how it works can be challenging for some. Sometimes it is best to hire an SEO Expert who can do the necessary groundwork and ensure that the website gets the best ranking. Same time because of Googleโ€™s strict rules and regulations, it is vital for the website to be ranked as reliable, practical, and, most importantly, trustworthy. An expert SEO will ensure that the website satisfies all these requirements.

    Google keeps updating its algorithms from time to time. It is constantly innovating and making the process more efficient. So, an expert SEO in Kolkata should be aware of these updates and keep himself well informed of the trends and changes.



    No SEO Company in Kolkata shares their day-to-day timelines with their clients, but WE do. Thatโ€™s why we are the BEST for SEO Services in Kolkata.

    Research Project Keywords
    Find Content Ideas for Websites
    Start Page optimization
    Reach Target Strategies
    Who is Better for SEO Services in Kolkata?

    An SEO Expert or an SEO Professional?

    SEO Expert and Professional do not mean the same thing. There is a fine line of difference separating them from each other. To understand the difference between them, an SEO expert knows the best practices and applies the appropriate techniques to boost the website rankings. In contrast, an SEO professional is an SEO expert who offers professional services to various clients.

    Thus, to get the max ROI out of your investment, you must only use professional SEO Services in Kolkata.




      Popular SEO Services in Kolkata

      There are many SEOs in Kolkata. But only some can match the QoS (Quality of Service) I offer. Some of the services offered by them are:

      • Placing the website on the top of different search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
      • Building website from scratch and Offering website design and development, which also includes website promotion
      • Specialization in the field of PPC (pay per click), SEM, SMO, Bulk SMS services
      • Increasing the website visibility with the needed links
      • Provide a complete analysis report such as SEO Audit etc.
      • Detailed Keyword Analysis and Strategies for Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and the Google Search Engine.
      • Social Media Marketing for Possible Link Prospects
      • Appoint an SEO Specialist to Setup Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
      Dear Business Owner,

      Here's What you can expect when working with me:

      1. Boost website rankings and increase traffic: As an established SEO I know how to optimize your website and use proven strategies to increase traffic on the pages of your site. This will help you to monetize your Website and bring maximum Return on Investment. Meaning more Sales and higher Profitability.
      2. No requirement to hire a separate SEO Agency: SEO Agencies are known to overcharge their clients unnecessarily. My team has more than 12 years of experience combined and we know everything about SEO & Internet Marketing Industry. We follow the best practices and how to optimize your website, so you really don’t have to worry about additional hires.
      3. Cost-Efficient: We are a respected team of SEO Freelancers in Kolkata and we believe in providing quality and result-oriented SEO. Since an SEO expert does not need to hire a separate agency, it will save the hiring costs and thus reduce the financial burden to you.
      4. Better SEO Services: Our team can make informed decisions for the best SEO services in Kolkata and take your business to see new levels of success. We make sure our clients never have to pay for google ads if they use our organic SEO services.
      5. Boost your Marketing: We are the best SEO company in Kolkata for a reason. If your website ranks organically in the top positions, you will be talked about a lot on Social Media. This is a plus point for you. By being on the top, you will have an added advantage and gain the upper hand regarding attaining excellence in overall marketing.
      6. Best On-Page Optimization: Our Team has search engine optimization expertise of over 5 years and is known for providing the best SEO services in Kolkata in terms of On-Page Optimization and Keyword research. Several of our online business clients rank successfully using our strategies in countries like the USA, UK, and India.
      7. Complete SEO Audit:ย We provide a dedicated SEO consultant from our team to each project. Be it local SEO or local keywords, you will start seeing the results in just like 3-4 months if your website has a good content age.

      Benefits of Hiring us as your SEO Expert in Kolkata


        1. Usually, the first thing that is done is the SEO audit report, showing the current status and setting the future targets to achieve.
        2. The next step is to study the competitors to ensure the SEO is on target.
        3. Then, make the necessary technical adjustments to the website
        4. Last but not least is to build high-quality backlinks to the website from reliable and relevant sources.

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