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Hello, I am

Aayush Bucha

I am a Web Developer and a Digital Marketer.

I also Blog frequently.


Among all the Services that I offer, I specialise in the following:


It is said that Brands sell, not the products. No Branding equals No Existence. So, Differentiate your brand and stand out from the crowd with the best branding solutions.


A  Good Website without SEO is like a Business that customers’ fail to find. Above all, SEO ensures that you stand out from the crowd by ensuring you reach out.


Good Marketing and Sales is not possible if the Core of the business is not strong. Also, a properly Developed website ensures a User Friendly Experience.


Everything today is so fast paced. Grabbing attention at the right place and right time is very important. Get Designs that convert into Sales.

Grab Attention or Disappear.

I Design for Mobile Platforms, too.

Did You Know:
Up to 70% of Website traffic comprises mobile platforms

So, Ensure Best-in-class Mobile Websites that create a user friendly experience.

Make Your Website Work Everywhere.

It’s 2020 Guys.

The competition is not the same as it used to be in the early 2000s.

As a result, You need to Stay ahead of your Competitors by making sure of an engaging experience that convert into Sales.

Process & Workflow.

Time flies. In our distracted world, we tend to underestimate the power of time planning and management. So, Ensure proper Process and Workflow planning to get Complete Satisfaction with Aayush Bucha for the best web development solutions in Kolkata.

Proper planning Enhances victories and reduces struggles. I believe in proper work planning so that value is added both to my Client’s Work and I. Someone Rightly Said:

“A man without smiling customers must not open more shops”
Thus, the Era Changes But the Essence Stays.

Project Research

Complete Analysis of Competitor’s website and Industry Data for the perfect SEO.


Wireframes and Mock-ups to ensure What you wanted is What You Get.


Presentation Matters. Even a Bad Product can be sold if  designed and presented properly.


From Static Web Templates to fully functional E -commerce Websites. Everything Covered.

Let’s Work Together

Don’t Be Shy and Get in touch if you think I can deliver some value to you.


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